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There is a difference between someone who is Bi-curious and someone who is Bisexual. Learn the difference.

Bisexual: Someone who knows what they want. They like people of both genders.
Bi-curious: Someone who is unsure of what they want. They may use you to find out.

Yes, bisexuals and bi-curious people are capable of cheating. You know who else is capable of cheating? Gay guys, lesbians, and heterosexuals. You don't understand them. That's fine. But that doesn't make it okay for you to treat bisexuals like they don't belong. If you support LGBT, then you shouldn't exclude the bisexuals.

Are you gay or lesbian, and are tired of heterosexuals assuming all of you are the same, that you like everyone of the same gender? Then don't be a hypocrite and do the same damn thing to a bisexual, with "You're just confused" "You're a slut" and "You're straight when you get married to a guy."

I'm a lesbian, and I support you. I have a lot of respect for bisexuals who are loyal. Who are often accused of things they've never done. You deserve better than what you are getting.

To all the lesbians and gay people who are being prejudice assholes, you are no different than the heterosexual haters. I'm disappointed in you.


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I like to take pictures as a hobby. Keeps me busy. It also helps to look at these pictures to gain confidence. I am not out here to fulfill your fantasies. What you see is what I've chosen to show you. I will not be meeting anyone here in person to model for you. I do not know you well enough, nor trust you.

Some pictures will be revealing. I see nothing wrong with bra pictures. It's just another article of clothing. If you think that's too much, don't go to the beach. Women wear bikinis all the time. The only difference is that it's for water. No. I will not be sharing nude pictures. I see bodies as a work of art, not a sex object. I realize there's not a lot of people who feel this way. Which is why I have no interest in accepting requests.

If you would like to draw me, edit some of my pictures, you have my permission. As long as it's not sexual. If you would like to upload those to your account, I would like to see the picture first. If you wish to share any of my photographs, you have permission. As long as you are not stealing them, and claiming that is you.

I have no interest in dating guys, so please stop assuming I am straight.

I do not have people where I live who like to take my picture. So usually, they just end up being selfies. Sucks.. But that's the way it is.

My favorite things to take pictures of are animals and nature. My favorite things to collect are Shaman King, cupcake stuff, makeup, and Halloween decor. I have an obsession with Horohoro, Dean Ambrose, candy, and horror movies. And one day, I would love to chase tornadoes and travel the world.

I enjoy writing poetry. I just don't do that much anymore. They always turn out depressing. I also enjoy health and fitness, sports, psychology, and dance.

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