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People should be able to post or say what ever they want without having to defend themselves. We're suppose to have freedom of speech. It seems whenever we do speak our mind, somebody criticizes us, puts words in our mouth, tries to put a stop to it, or will come after us for revenge. Hell, we may even get banned from a website because they are against it.

Freedom.. There's not really much of that anymore.

I'm not against people having disagreements. I just think people should not target others because of it. If you don't like what someone has to say, speak your mind. You have your own journal. Why does there have to be a confrontation every time? Everyone has their own reasons for feeling a certain way. Your opinion is not likely going to change theirs. So why are people always up in each others' face? Bullying. That's why.

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Although I may not always get around to responding to all of your comments, I do read them. I love all the little comments and favorites. So don't be afraid to click that "Add Comment" button. ♥

I enjoy variety. I do not stick to a couple of things. Different music. Different fashion. I stay true to myself and I do not feel the need to fit in. I am not interested in wasting my life, being someone that I am not. I am always growing as a person. I have many different personality traits. Because of this, I can become unpredictable and hard to understand.

I am outspoken and sometimes blunt. It is never my intent to hurt someone with an opinion. Because in my eyes, everyone has different beliefs-- And that's okay! What is important to me is honesty and respect.

In my spare time, I enjoy being creative. Writing poetry. Taking photographs. Making jewelry. Cooking. Cosplay. It's also fun to watch Horror films and play the piano. Most of all, I enjoy things that are risky. Sky diving. Chasing tornadoes. I would love to stay in haunted houses and find some spirits in there. Things that will make my heart race. That's what makes life fun!

I am a Sadomasochistic Switch. I like women. Sorry, guys. ;D

I am very passionate about nature and animals. I would love to live out in nature and take care of them. It is my belief that they have every right to live on this earth, just as humans do. Just because they do not speak human language does not mean they are emotionless and insignificant. I want to protect their innocence. People do not get murdered because there are so many of them. So why should animals be targeted for that? As for nature, I think humans have destroyed enough of this world. But they will destroy until there is nothing left. We belong to nature. Nature does not belong to us. It is the only place I feel at ease. It's sad to see people tear it all down because of greed. There's more to life than money and electronics. I think they just get so use to blending in with society that they forget how beautiful the world really is.

My other passion is for a guy called Dean Ambrose. I can honestly say that he is my favorite person on television. He brings a level of excitement nobody else can do. Every time I see him, it’s like I’m on a roller coaster. He makes me smile so much. He inspires me to take better care of myself and to be the best I can be.

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